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Kemia-Kemi (Finnish Chemical Magazine)

Finnish Chemical Magazine is Finland’s only professional magazine dedicated to the field of chemistry. The readers of the magazine are professionals and decision-makers in chemistry and chemistry-related fields. Four out of five are involved in purchasing.
The print issue has over 10,000 readers and the e-Newsletter over 4,700 subscribers.

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Sales Manager Pekka Laatikainen
Tel. +358 40 574 7701

Sales Manager Jaana Koivisto
Tel. +358 40 770 3043

Managing Director Leena Laitinen
Tel. +358 40 577 8850

Print issues

Subscription prices:

  • annual subscription (8 issues) to Finland  105 €
  • standing order to Finland 95 €
  • annual subscription to other countries 145 €
  • standing order to other countries 135 €
  • single copies á 16 €

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The electronic newsletter of Finnish Chemical Magazine is published 15 times per year. The newsletter is published in Finnish, and it can be prescribed free of charge here. Just write your e-mail (“Sähköpostiosoite”) and click the button “Tilaa”.